Imago Therapy,

Connect with each other like never before.

Imago Is


A Unique Approach

This unique approach to therapy is focused on personal growth and healing through committed relationships and brings together the major psychological theories of the century. IRT proposes that there is an unconscious purpose (we call it imago) guiding us in our selection of a mate and our conduct of our relationships. 


Teaches Us

How our early experiences of love with childhood caretakers have profoundly affected our patterns of perception and behaviour in our current love life. That we bring to our love relationships an unconscious agenda -— to get some kind of love from our partner that we didn't get in our childhood so we can heal old wounds. How to learn how to really love each other.


Imago Is For

Couples & Individuals who are experiencing difficulties and want to resolve their conflicts. Maybe they are just beginning their relationship or they want to better understand why past relationships didn't work and want to create satisfying and fulfilling relationships in the future.