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Getting The Love You Want” Workshop for Couples

The unique design of this workshop will benefit you if:--
You want to enrich a good marriage or relationship
You are beginning a relationship you want to keep
You are in a difficult relationship and you want to resolve long standing conflicts
You are near break-up or separation and want to decide if the relationship can be saved
You have separated and wish to explore ways to explore options and possibilities

Greater compassion and understanding of yourself and your partner
(This happens for everyone to a greater or lessor degree.)
New and effective communication skills
Couples learn to channel the energy from their arguments and disconnections to create passion and stability in the relationship
An understanding that the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the source of conflict
Couples get new information about themselves and their partner, organized in useful and thought provoking ways
Awareness of how to use your relationship for mutual healing and fulfillment
Ways of creating and maintaining safety in the relationship allows for real growth and change in both individuals.
Ideas for re-establishing the excitement and connection of your early time together
Couples get specific tools and information to re-kindled the passion of their early time together.

This intensive 20 hour experience for couples comes from the work of Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of the best-selling, Getting the Love You Want - A Guide for Couples. It is based on the belief that relationships form an essential structure for personal growth, healing childhood wounds and becoming fully adult.

This workshop includes: lectures, guided imagery, written exercises, and communication processes.

The majority of the workshop time is spent in structured dialogue with your partner or with information generating exercises from your workbook


Confidentiality is maintained in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Workshop will help you understand and cooperate with the natural process of relationship development and will offer specific ways for accessing nurturing and care in your relationship.

Keeping the Love You Find” Individuals' Workshop

…an Intensive, two-day Workshop for individuals not currently in a committed relationship, who are tired of making the same mistakes and want to learn to find and keep lasting love

Using lectures and guided imagery exercises, written exercises and role plays in groups of three or four, you will develop a greater understanding of why your past relationships failed. You will put those experiences into perspective and use the information you gain to begin a healing process. You will also have a chance, during the workshop, to connect with other singles who are on a similar path.

It is not about how to snare the perfect mate, because the perfect mate is a myth.

THIS WORKSHOP will provide you with a chance to wake up your heart and tear down your walls. Most of the individuals who attend this workshop leave with a sense, for the very first time, of real hope for the future.

What you can expect from participating in a KEEPING THE LOVE YOU FIND Individuals Workshop:

Self-Discovery. Understand why you tend to be attracted to similar people. You will also recognize your defences, and learn how to achieve an intimate relationship without creating unnecessary barriers.

Learn How Childhood Wounds Affect Your Relationships. Through the course of the weekend you'll more clearly understand the connection between the frustrations you've experienced in past relationships and your frustrations in childhood. You'll be able to identify past issues that you unconsciously bring into your relationships and what role those issues play.

Heal Old Relationship Wounds. In small supportive groups you will have a chance to let go of painful emotional memories and “say good-bye” to former love partners.

Learn New Relationship Skills. You will practice effective skills to help you break the negative patterns of relating. You'll discover how you inadvertently sabotage relationships to protect yourself from fears and anticipated hurt.

Meet New People who are also involved in self-growth.

Create A Plan For Personal Change. By the end of the workshop you will know what you must change in yourself to Keep The Love You Find — and you'll create a step-by-step personal program to help you achieve your goals.