Lapointe, Janine

Janine Lapointe, M.A.
29 Fairholt Road South
Hamilton, Ontario, L8M 2T2
(905) 547-4251


Janine Lapointe

Janine holds a Masters Degree in Ministry and Spirituality and has training and nearly 20 years experience in Pastoral Counselling and Relational Psychotherapy.  She is a Clinical Member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists (OSP), and a Certified Clinical Imago Therapist. 

Janine has dedicated her adult life to the belief that healing and growth are possible regardless of the wound.  Through her educational background and training, her personal psychotherapy and on-going clinical supervision, as well as through her many years of working with clients, Janine’s belief in, dedication to, and respect for the healing nature of the relationship developed within the  therapeutic process only continues to deepen.

In accordance with her deep belief in on-going personal gowth, and use of one’s talents for the betterment of society, Janine has involved herself in the life of her professional organization when not in her counselling office.  She has served on the Ethics committee for three years; as Secrertary of the Board of Directors for four years; and has most recently been involved with the development of and training in the Peacekeeping Circles. This has been a Pilot Project of the OSP, dedicated to finding a non-adversarial approach, a relational approach, to healing wounds when complaints arise between client and therapist.

Janine approaches her work with clients from the perspective of ministry.  She has a deep caring for the woundedness which happens in all our lives.  As a relational therapist she believes that we have all been wounded within the context of our primary relationships, and that it is within the therapeutic relationship that clients will find the healing they long for.

In working with individuals, Janine believes that the healing begins as the trust relationship grows between client and therapist.  As she works with couples, Janine uses the Imago Dialogue process to facilitate the growth of trust and healing between the two partners.

“I admire the courage of anyone who dares step foot into the counselling office; I am continually in awe of the transformation I see in clients as they dedicate themselves to their new lives; and I always feel extremely honoured to be permitted to enter with them and become part of their journey.”

In her effort to make counselling available to all, Janine will adjust fees on a sliding scale for those who qualify.

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