Hunter, Marilyn

Marilyn Hunter M. Div., Clinical Member O.S.P.
New Beginnings Counselling Services
1082 Jutland Place Oakville, ON L6H 2V3
(905) 844-0077




Every human being is a unique individual, a person of inherent worth. Each on of us is a complex combination of characteristics that contribute to our way of being in the world. We are a combination of strengths and vulnerabilities. As well we carry with us consciously and unconsciously life experiences that shape the lens out of which we view the past and embrace the present and future. We long for the experience of true love that deep connection which enables persons to share their deepest innermost feelings without the fear of criticism or withdrawal. Unfortunately for many that experience is missing from their most important relationships. What is being experienced is a gnawing pain that lives within even though they are struggling to do. The best they can. We want something better for ourselves. It is the way that comes from the inside out. It is that feeling of aliveness, vitality and self love. It is being able to reach out to others with caning concern.

It is difficult to move forward when no clear path is evident.

A therapist has the training and skills to assist as an Imago Relationship Therapist my goal is to walk with you as you begin your journey of discovery.

Please contact Marilyn at mhunter@newbeginingcounsellingservices.com or call at 905-844-0077

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