Lynn, Sherry


Sherry Lynn
Reg Nurse, BHSc(N), MTS(Counselling)
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
67 Caroline Street South
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 3K6
(905) 869-3898


Sherry Lynn worked for thirty years as an ICU Nurse intimately caring for people and families while they faced some of the biggest crises of their lives, often at the end of their lives. She served as an ordained minister caring for the spiritual needs of a community for over a decade. Her curious mind and sensitive nature inevitably led her on a journey to explore and understand the deep emotional, psychological, and relational issues facing us all.

“I believe in the value of individuals and in the powerful inherent wisdom of our psyches. I believe that we grow best in relationship with others. Each of us is as unique as our fingerprint, and yet there are patterns and needs common to us all. I am committed to the process of growth, mine and yours, to the healing of relationship and spirit, and to discovering the potential when we journey together.”

Sherry Lynn is currently in private practice in Hamilton, working with clients, couples and groups.  She is committed, first, to providing a safe and respectful environment, and then encouraging creative exploration that leads to deep connection with oneself and others.  Imago Relationship Therapy has been the springboard that allows people to become more authentically connected and, at the same time, more fully themselves. 

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